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Freestyle Friday is a platform where two aspiring rappers compete in a freestyle battle before a random audience and two celebrity judges and the DJ as the 3rd judge. Each competitor alternates freestyling for 45 seconds in each of the two rounds (originally only 1 round and 1 judge when the segment first began in calabar with Moneybagz). 

However in Freestyle Friday with TYREX DA RAP PASTOR Unabridged, rappers are not allowed to use profanities or sexually suggestive lyrics, punishable by disqualification. After the battle, the judges decide the winner, per majority vote. The rapper who wins each week wins a prize and returns the following Friday to defend their Champion title. After seven consecutive wins, however, the rapper is retired and inducted into the Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame, as well as a free music production from ace producer "Tigerman on the beat" and a free music video plus one year management consultancy service from Brainy Cv Enterprise. But if the Challenger card is picked by either two or three of the Judges, then the Champion automatically loses the Champion title.

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