Grew up a sad child because I never believed I was lovedI nferiority complex and low self esteem transformed me to a doveP eaceful and always quiet because I had believe it was humilityB ut I was living in the shadow of reality.

I could remember dad say "I can't train a female Artist" Mum was always ready to discard my works not minding my interest
Baby sister sanguine was all over the place manifesting but I was always at the back stage and not associating.
Growing up was like a war front for me
Being a dark girl made it look like my light was dim Self realization wasn't from the books read or messages heard It was from observation and life's conclusions I drew
The side talks made me grew Being rejected was one of the things I dreaded.
At 11, I was already set for life I had a U-turn believing the possibilities in life I had friends I took as secret challenge I worked and served in places that sparked my change I moved out of the inferiority cage
Amplified my confidence to a higher range
One thing I have learnt over the years
Is to believe in myself no matter the fears
Don't be intimidated by the successes of your peers rather be motivated to propel higher with a faster gear.

Measure the weight of your future success with today's work scale Not minding if critics call your dreams a fairytale. And when I say I'm a black Star and  not a black spot I have seen the future, it's bright like a star and it's bigger than a spot.

©️ Nyakno Benson

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